Criminal Justice Advisory Board (CJAB) Members

Many of the members of the CJAB have participated in the work of the Board for 5 years or more.  Collectively, members of the CJAB bring more than 400 years of experience in their fields to the table when we convene.  Each voting member of the CJAB is selected based on his/her leadership role in a department that is related to the operational success of the Criminal Justice System in Dauphin County. Currently, we have representatives from the following agencies as voting members of the CJAB:

Edward M. Marsico, Jr.*                      District Attorney, District Attorney’s Office

                                                            (CJAB Chairman*)

Jeff Haste                                           County Commissioner

Todd A. Hoover                                  President Judge, Court of Common Pleas

Dominick DeRose                               Warden, Dauphin County Prison

Chadwick Libby                                  Chief, Probation Services (Adult & Juvenile)

Amy Rosenberry                                 Executive Director, Victim-Witness Assistance Program

Jack Lotwick                                       Sheriff, Sheriff’s Department

Matthew Miller                                     Director, Work Release Center

Randie Yeager                                    (Acting) Human Services Director (Children & Youth, Drug & Alcohol Services,

                                                            Mental Health / Intellectual Disabilities)

Shannon Danley                                  Director, Pre-Trial Services

Deborah Freeman                               Court Administrator, Court Administration

                                                            (Court of Common Pleas)

Mavis Nimoh                                       Administrator, Drug & Alcohol Services

Dan Eisenhauer                                  Administrator, Mental Health/Intellectual Disabilities

Troy Petery                                         Deputy Court Administrator, Court Administration                                                                        

                                                            (Magisterial District Judges)

Bradley Winnick                                 Chief Public Defender, Public Defender’s Office

Catharine Kilgore                               CJAB Administrator/Drug Court Coordinator

Stephen Libhart                                  Director, Emergency Management Agency

William Wenner                                  Magisterial District Judge

Dale Klein                                           Clerk of Courts

Laura Cullison                                    County Administrator

Michael Madden                                 Director, Judicial Center

Tom Guenther                                    Director, County Information & Technology Services

Tom Carter                                         Chief, Harrisburg Police Department

Jason Umberger                                 Chief, Swatara Police – Representing the Dauphin County Chiefs of Police Association

Other regular attendees include but are not limited to:

Colin Cleary                                       Captain, Harrisburg Police Department

Jack Wright                                        Grant and Human Services Funds  Development Fund                                                                  

                                                           Manager, Human Services Department

Robert Martin                                     Director of Public Safety, Susquehanna Township

Kimberly Mackey                               PA Commission on Crime & Delinquency,

                                                          Southeastern PA Regional CJAB Representative

Charla Plaines                                  PA Commission on Crime & Delinquency, Re-Entry Coordinator

Catharine Kilgore
CJAB Administrator/Drug Court Coordinator