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On 05-22-17 the Steelton Police along with Dauphin County Children and Youth began an investigation into a incident that occurred in the borough. Shyray Richardson was arrested at the conclusion of the investigation for endangering the welfare of a child, aggravated assault and strangulation.
The Steelton Police are investigating a robbery that occurred on 05-20-17 at approximately 4:30 a.m. in the first block of North 4th Street. The suspect was described a tall and slim male wearing dark clothing. The victim stated he pushed something hard into her back while demanding her money. Any...

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On 05-19-17 while the Steelton Police were on vehicle patrol they were struck by a sedan traveling without its head lights on. The collision caused damage to both vehicles and the Highspire Police responded to handle the investigation. The driver of the striking vehicle was identified as Olin Byrd...
On 05-15-17 the Steelton Police responded to the 800 block of South Front Street for a report of an reckless driver. Officers did arrest Darnelle Anderson for driving under the influence of PCP.
On 05-14-17 the Steelton Police arrested Stephon Smith and two juveniles for possession with the intent to deliver a controlled substance and unlawful possession of drug paraphernalia after a traffic stop.


After having been stopped for a traffic violation, Debbie Mullen-McCullough was taken into custody for suspicion of DUI. She submitted to a test of her blood to determine alcohol/drug content. Results of those tests were recently received and she has been charged with DUI.
On 8/24/14 at about 0005 hours, Swatara Township Police were participating in a sobriety checkpoint in the 1600 block of South Cameron Street, Steelton PA. Officers observed Napoleon Burke, Jr. park his car prior to entering the checkpoint, and then watched as he walked through the checkpoint. He...
On 09/20/2014 at approximately 0223, Steelton Police stopped a vehicle for traffic violations. The driver, Kenneth Wallace showed signs of impairment. Wallace was arrested for DUI and then transported to Booking Center. Wallace was released on a summons.
On 9-17-2014 at 0915 hours, Steelton Police were in the 1st block of North 4th Street in Steelton. Police had contact with Allie Crummel. As a result, Crummel was cited for Disorderly Conduct and Driving Suspended.
On 09/14/2014 at approximately 0207 hours, Steelton Police found James Lake passed out on the sidewalk at North Harrisburg St / Adams St in Steelton. Lake was issued a citation for Public Intoxication and was transported to Booking Center to sleep it off.