Title Offender Type Docket No.sort descending Date Issued Holding Dept
Maldonado, Joseph - Failure To Appear Maldonado, Joseph Bench Dauphin County Sheriff's Office
Warrant Griggs, Nathan C Criminal July 14, 2017 Swatara Township Police Department
Clark, Davon Rashawn - Simple Assault Clark, Davon Rashawn Criminal August 27, 2016 Lower Paxton Township Police Department
Crowner, Inez M. - Aggravated Assault and 4 additional charges Crowner, Inez M. Criminal October 21, 2016 Harrisburg Bureau of Police
Zerbe, Amy Darnell - Parole Violations Zerbe, Amy Darnell October 28, 2016 PA State Parole
Cook-Summerford, Christopher - Manufacture Delivery or Possession With Intent to Manufacture or Deliver Cook-Summerford, Christopher Criminal January 5, 2017 Dauphin County Criminal Investigation Division
Acosta, Brian G - Failure To Appear - APPREHENDED Acosta, Brian G Bench March 28, 2016
Williams, Salik Labriant - Robbery and 3 additional charges Williams, Salik Labriant Criminal February 1, 2017 Harrisburg Bureau of Police
Napier, Darius - APPREHENDED Napier, Darius April 18, 2016 State Parole/Harrisburg Police Department
Williams, Mark A - Parole Violations/Robbery and 2 additional charges Williams, Mark A April 18, 2016 State Parole/Harrisurg Police Department
Zerbe, Amy Darnell - APPREHENDED Zerbe, Amy Darnell February 8, 2016 PA State Parole
Cardenas, Amir Joel - Parole Violations Cardenas, Amir Joel December 10, 2015 PA State Parole
Boswell, Asher - APPREHENDED Boswell, Asher Criminal May 19, 2016 Dauphin County Criminal Investigation Division
Leverett, Antonio - Probation Violations Leverett, Antonio Bench January 9, 2019 Dauphin County Probation
Nazario, Adalberto - UPDATE - Apprehended Nazario, Adalberto Criminal June 1, 2016 Dauphin County Criminal Investigation Division
Alvarado-Aviles, Wilfredo - Probation Absconder Alvarado-Aviles, Wilfredo Bench CP-22-CR-0005094-2012 January 31, 2017 Dauphin County Probation
Rameau, Emmanuel D - Manufacture and 2 additional charges Rameau, Emmanuel D Criminal MJ-12205-CR-0000473-2018 August 20, 2018 Office of Attorney General
Reaves, Reginald - Kidnapping and 3 additional charges Reaves, Reginald Criminal MJ-12302-CR-0000114-2018 June 14, 2018 PSP-Lykens
Arvelo, Josh Andrew - Strangulation and 2 additional charges Arvelo, Josh Andrew Criminal MJ-12303-CR-0000002-2018 January 2, 2018 Lower Paxton Police Department
Jackson, Jaleel - Failure To Appear Jackson, Jaleel Bench CP-22-CR-0002959-2016 July 27, 2017