Missing Boy from Harrisburg



On 07-02-2013 at about 2045 hrs. Emontay Williams was reported missing by his family. He was said to have left the home at about 1730 hrs. on 07-01-2013 during a nap time.  Reportedly, he climbed out a window and left.  The report noted that he was seen by people who know him during the evening of 07-02-2013.  He was riding a bicycle in the Allison Hill area of Harrisburg.


Det. Donofrio was assigned to the case and interviewed a number of family and other

people.  Emontay has reportedly been seen with his friends on occasion and as recently as last week.  He is believed to be staying with various friends in the Allison Hill area.

It is possible that a family allowing Emontay to spend the night does not realize that he has been reported as missing.


Det. Donofrio contacted the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children in the event that Emontay leaves this area.  There is an issue of a possible custody arrangement that is being checked.  He reportedly has family in South Carolina.



Location:                                1400 block of S. 15th St.


Investigating Officer:           Det. Shawn Donofrio


Victim:                                    Emontay Williams, age 09.

DOB: Oct 7, 2003

Sex: Male

Missing Date: Jul 6, 2013

Race: Black

Age Now: 9

Height:  4'9" (145 cm)

Missing City: HARRISBURG

Weight:  65 lbs (29 kg)

Missing State :  PA

Hair Color: Black

Missing Country: United States

Eye Color: Brown

Friday, July 19, 2013 (All day)

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