DA Funds Surveillance Camera Project in Harrisburg

On August 5th, 2013, video surveillance cameras were installed in the City of Harrisburg. The video surveillance camera project is part of an on-going effort to increase awareness, presence, security, and partnerships in the community to address crime. The cameras act as a force-multiplier for the police, and as the system is operational, cameras can be added, including those of private businesses that volunteer to join the surveillance network. The full system will cost $452,000, including a four-year maintenance agreement. The bulk of the cost comes from building the Wi-Fi mesh network which the county will own. Additional cameras will cost about $3,000 per piece.  The cameras are supported by funding from the District Attorney’s portion of the Table Gaming Monies from the Hollywood Casino. Oversight of the project is provided by Dauphin County’s Information & Technology Department, Harrisburg City Police Department, The Violent Crimes Taskforce, and the Office of the District Attorney. 

Please read a recent PennLive article about this project here:

Surveillance cameras to be installed along 2nd Street in Harrisburg