DA Marsico: Parents need to be aware of the danger of synthetic drugs

Dauphin County District Attorney Ed Marsico wants Central Pennsylvania residents to educate themselves on the dangerous effects of designer drugs.  District Attorney Marsico advises, “Parents need to be aware of the dangerous new drugs that are now available. Locally, we have seen tragic results from these drugs, including deaths and violent criminal outbursts.”  With trendy names and celebrity endorsements, people might get the impression these drugs do not pose any danger to the user.  Marketed under names like Molly, Scooby-Doo, K2, spice, plant food and bath salts these drugs are making their way into Central Pennsylvania and law enforcement authorities are not happy about it.  Recent news headlines have highlighted some of the dangers associated with this latest wave of designer drugs.  Stories of deaths and overdoses from the drug Molly in Boston, Massachusetts, and closer to home in Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania, have law enforcement authorities warning residents about the risks associated with use of these drugs.  Recently a local high school student died as a result of abusing a drug many parents had never of, the drug “N-bomb”.         

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