Miccarelli investigation closed without charges

After consultation with the complainant in the case, the Dauphin County District Attorney’s Office closed its sexual assault investigation into former Representative Nick Miccarelli.  The complainant requested that the District Attorney close the case without charges.  The District Attorney publicly announced the closure because the existence of the case had been reported in the media previously. 

District Attorney Fran Chardo noted that both the complainant and Miccarelli cooperated in the investigation.  The complainant has moved on with her life and does not want to see Miccarelli again in any context.  At her request, we have closed this investigation and determined that its continuation is not in the public interest.  The case took a long time to investigate because of a large volume of digital evidence, some of which was not originally accessible.  I hope the media will respect the privacy of the people involved, neither of whom currently serves as a public official.