Murder charges bound over for trial for September 18, 2013 shooting in the 1400 block of Hunter Street

A preliminary hearing on the charge of First Degree Murder and other related charges was held this afternoon for Daniel Negron-Rosario.  At the conclusion of the hearing, Senior Magisterial District Judge Paula Correal bound all charges over to the Dauphin County Court of Common Pleas.  Negron-Rosario is accused in the September 19, 2013, shooting death of Rafael Cosme-Diaz in the 1400 block of Hunter Street.  It is alleged that Negron-Rosario shot Diaz-Cosme twice in the chest and once in the arm.  Harrisburg Police Detective Quinten Kennedy testified that Negron-Rosario admitted to shooting Cosme-Diaz with a .380 handgun which he had in his waist band.  Negron-Rosario initially told officers that another male committed the crime.  He later retracted that statement and admitted that he shot Cosme-Diaz.  Det. Kennedy testified that Negron-Rosario told him that he intended to kill Cosme-Diaz as a result of a drug debt the victim reportedly owed him.  Det. Kennedy further testified that Negron-Rosario explained that when he intially tried to shoot Diaz-Cosme, the gun did not fire.  It took Negron-Rosario two attempts to chamber a round before he was able to shoot Diaz-Cosme in the chest.  Diaz-Cosme then attempted to flee when Negron-Rosario fire two more shots at his victim, hitting him two more times.  Chief Deputy District Attorney Sean McCormack handled this case for the Commonwealth.   

Negron-Rosario is charged with First Degree Murder, Carrying a Firearm without a License, False Roports, Tampering with Evidence and Persons not to Possess Firearms.

Note: Negron-Rosario's charges are an accusation at this time and he is presumed innocent until and unless proven guilty.