Rideshare Driver Identified - Incident Disposition

     Through our outreach via Crimewatch and social media, the driver of the White Jeep Grand Cherokee involved in the early morning incident on August 11th called our department after he realized we were trying to identify him.  The driver of the White Jeep Grand Cherokee is an Uber driver.  He received and accepted a fare requested from the same person who requested the Lyft driver.  The Uber driver still had screen shot information to verify the request for his services.  Apparently, although it cannot be confirmed without talking with the male and female who requested the rideshare services, that both Lyft and Uber were contacted to provide them a ride.  There was either miscommunication between the male and female passengers when making the requests, or they possibly made the requests on purpose in hopes that one service would arrive quicker than the other.

     We have determined there was no criminal violation on the part of the Uber driver in the white Jeep Grand Cherokee.  We do encourage people to use good judgement and safety practices when using these rideshare programs and to report suspicious incidents like this to police for further investigation.