Was it delivered...or was it stolen!

                It is that time of year and online shopping is increasing with the Holiday gift season upon us.  With those ever-increasing package deliveries, comes the opportunity for “porch pirates” or “box bandits” to steal the things we have delivered to our homes.  Our department has recently taken reports of packages being stolen from outside of residences.  We have listed some tips from agencies and companies to keep your items safe from being stolen from the front porch of your residence.

  1. Consider having the item shipped to an alternate address – Having the package delivered to a trusted person at an address where that person would be home and be available to take the package in or having it shipped to your place of work (with your employer’s permission) might be a safe option.
  2. Have a neighbor keep an eye out for deliveries – Have a neighbor who would be home when your package is scheduled for delivery take your package in for you.  You may also be able to return the favor for them at some point and receive their deliveries too.
  3. Have the item held with the shipping company – In some cases, you can adjust the shipping instructions to have the shipping company hold the package at a receiving terminal for you to claim when you’re available.  Amazon provides a service called Amazon Locker, where your package(s) will be delivered to an approved nearby location for you to claim later.
  4. Enable tracking of your packages – Shipping companies such as USPS, Amazon, DHL, and UPS offer in-transit tracking and will notify you via text or email when the package is delivered.
  5. Install security measures – Most security companies now offer camera systems which you can monitor from a computer or handheld device.  There are also options from other vendors to let you setup and monitor a camera on your own.

                  If you do have a package stolen, you can contact us to file a report.  You can call us at (717) 534-2202 or visit our Crimewatch page at Submit Online Report to file a report online if the amount of the theft is valued at less than $1,000.  If somebody is actively in the process of stealing packages from your property, please dial 911.  Be safe and have a Happy Holiday season!