2018 Harrisburg Bureau of Police Awards and and Swearing-in Ceremony

On Tuesday, June 12, 2018 at 11:00 AM, Mayor Eric Papenfuse and Commissioner Thomas Carter will present awards today to outstanding officers at the yearly award ceremony at the Forum Auditorium at the State Capital Complex.  The event serves to recognize officers who have distinguished themselves and the Harrisburg Bureau of Police by their exemplary bravery and praiseworthy deeds.

Newly hired Police Officers

Chad Showers

Benjamin R. Gainer

Carson P. O’Connor

Mitch C. Moyer

Ryan J. Bartlett


Jacob Pierce promoted to Detective

Officer Recognition

PA DUI Association – DUI Top Gun Award: Officer Brandon Yeager 

On March 10, 2017 at about 7:46 PM, Officers responded to Lexington Street to assist the Harrisburg Fire Bureau with an active structure fire.  Upon arrival, Officer Herbster found the house fully engulfed in flames with people screaming there were children trapped on the 2nd floor of the structure.  Officer Herbster assisted the Harrisburg Fire Bureau by placing a ladder against the residence.  In the face of the chaotic atmosphere Officer Herbster stayed on task and remained professional, suffering smoke inhalation which he was later treated for on scene.  The Harrisburg Fire Bureau did locate and remove 3 children from the building.  Despite the valiant efforts of all emergency personnel on scene, 3 children did succumb to injuries because of the incident.

Award for HEROISM

Officer Nicholas Herbster

On May 28, 2017 officers were dispatched to Harrisburg’s City Island for a report of a water rescue.  Upon arrival it was determined that an 8-year-old child went missing in the Susquehanna River.  After the officers obtained the last known location of the child, they entered the river without hesitation and formed a human chain to begin searching for the child.  The officers canvassed the river for approximately 30 minutes in without the aid water rescue equipment until the child was recovered and brought to shore.  Once the child was on the river bank, officers immediately began CPR and rescue breathing until the child reached the hospital.  Despite the combined efforts of the officers, the child was unable to be revived and succumbed to injuries.

Award for HEROISM

Officer Tony Elliott, Officer Matthew Novchich, Capitol Police Officer Douglas Klinefelter, Capitol Police Officer Michael Layton-Herron, Life Team EMS Bud Kauffman, and Life Team EMS James Miller

Distinguished Unit Citation                                                  

Corporal Brian Henry, Officer Tony Elliott, Officer Matthew Novchich, Officer Nicholas Herbster, Officer Christopher Palamara, Officer Daril Foose, Officer Travis Banning, Officer Harry Burger, Officer Wesley Feduke, Officer Adrienne Monroy, Officer Gregory Hill, Capitol Police Officer Douglas Klinefelter, Capitol Police Officer Michael Layton-Herron  

On October 10, 2017 at 12:54 AM, Officers were dispatched to Piccolo’s for an individual inside the bar showing a gun that was on his hip but not displaying it to anyone.  Officer Powell arrived on scene and observed an individual matching the description walking east from the bar.  Officer Powell advised Officer Fleagle to verify and obtain additional information from the bartender at Piccolo’s while he followed the suspect.  Officer Fleagle relayed the information to Officer Powell.  Officer Powell and other officers converged on the suspect a couple blocks away, giving verbal commands for him to stop.  The suspect failed to heed the warning and began fleeing police. 

While in pursuit, Officer Powell observed the suspect begin reaching towards his waistband and pull out a firearm.  The suspect continued to flee police with Officer Powell directly behind him.  Officer Diaz was able to get in front of the suspect and order him to the ground.  The suspect finally complied and was then taken into custody.  Officers retraced the flight path and located a clear plastic corner knot bag containing crack cocaine.  Officer Kelly English and his K9 partner Riggs conducted a search and located an empty holster and a stolen handgun.  Officers showed great restraint in this incident and extraordinary bravery chasing an armed individual.

Award for BRAVERY

Officer Edwin Powell, Officer Angel Diaz

Distinguished Unit Citation  

Officer Kelly English, Officer Robert Fleagle, Officer Abigail Roberts

On December 14, 2017 at 10:45 PM, officers were dispatched to 1B Ivey Lane, apartment 16 for a report of a male with a gun inside of an apartment and the residents hiding in their bathroom.  Officers arrived on scene and discovered the apartment door wide open.  They made entry and cleared the apartment.  While clearing the residence they located the occupants hiding in the bathroom and both were visibly upset.    As part of their investigation, responding officers obtained a description of the suspect.  The suspect was described as wearing a long black coat and a black mask covering his face.  It was found the suspect in this incident took jewelry and other personal items from this residence prior to leaving.

Approximately 1 hour later police units were dispatched to S 17th St. and Brookwood St for a reported robbery.  The victim of this robbery advised he was walking on South 17th Street when he was approached from behind by the suspect.  During the robbery a handgun was placed to the back of his head and the suspect took money and other personal items prior to fleeing.  The victim of the robbery was able to provide Officer Fleagle with a description of the suspect.  The description of the suspect appeared to be similar to the incident on Ivey Lane. 

Approximately 20 minutes after the South 17th Street robbery, officers responded back to 1 B Ivey Lane, apartment 16 again for a report of the same suspect banging on the door with a handgun.  Police units quickly arrived on scene and set up a perimeter.  As Officer Fleagle and Corporal Carter took a position to the rear of the residence the suspect, dressed in a long black coat and black mask around his face, exited the rear of the apartment complex.  Upon seeing Corporal Carter and Officer Fleagle the suspect dropped a small silver and white in color handgun.  He was immediately arrested.  A search of his person revealed personal items which belonged to the victim of the South 17th Street robbery and the victims of the apartment on Ivey Lane.  Great team work, diligence, and dedication resulted in the arrest of the suspect for 2 robberies and property returned to the victims. 

Award for BRAVERY

Corporal Eric Carter, Officer Robert Fleagle

On December 22, 2017 at 4:10 PM, Harrisburg Police and Capitol Police responded to the 100 block of State Street for a report of shots fired in the area and at the Pennsylvania State Capitol building.  As units converged on the area the suspect, later identified as Ahmed El-Mofty, fired several shots into a marked Capitol patrol vehicle, being operated by Officer Chad Showers, narrowly missing him and disabling his vehicle.  A witness, Dannielle Hardenstine was able to obtain and relay to police a description of the vehicle and the license plate information.

Approximately 30 minutes later, while officers were investigating this shooting, El-Mofty located and fired additional shots into the rear of a Pennsylvania State Police vehicle, striking Trooper Shannon Eichenseer in the head.  Trooper Eichenseer was assisting the investigation in the downtown area at the time she was shot by El-Mofty.

Officers McGowan, Fasnacht, Fitzkee, Gonzalez, Scott, and Probation Officer Morrow observed El-Mofty’s vehicle on South 17th Street.  Upon seeing El-Mofty’s vehicle they immediately initiated a traffic stop in the 1700 block of Mulberry Street without hesitation.  Upon exiting his vehicle, El-Mofty engaged the officers and a gun battle ensued.  Officers were finally able to neutralize El-Mofty and bring his egregious actions to an end.  Law Enforcement Officers from 16 different police agencies responded and assisted.  Due to the vital information of witnesses, the dedication and perseverance of Law Enforcement, and dedicated team work of the Dauphin County Communication Center Dispatchers, the heinous actions of El-Mofty ended, keeping the citizen of Harrisburg safe.    

Citizen Commendation

Dannielle Hardenstine

Award for VALOR

Officer Chad McGowan, Officer Robert Fitzkee, Officer Francisco Gonzalez Jr., Officer Martise Scott, Officer Brock Fasnacht, Dauphin Adult Probation Officer Naomi Morrow, Pennsylvania State Police Trooper Wesley Johnson

Award for HEROISM

Capitol Police Officer, now Harrisburg Police Officer Chad Showers, Pennsylvania State Police Trooper Shannon Eichenseer

Award for BRAVERY

Sgt. Tyron Meik, Cpl. Scott Johnsen, Officer Nicholas Herbster, Officer Daril Foose, Officer Brian Carriere, Officer Daniel Antoni, Attorney General Agent Daniel Jenkins, Dauphin County Sheriff’s Cpl. Jeffrey Teeter, Deputy Sheriff Maurice Edwards

Distinguished Unit Citation

Commissioner Thomas Carter, Captain Gabriel Olivera, Sgt. Russell Winder, Sgt. Tyron Meik, Cpl. Scott Johnsen, Detective Richard Gibney, Officer Chad McGowan, Officer Brian Carriere, Officer Matthew Gallup, Officer Christian Ribec, Officer Kenneth Sites, Officer Donald Bender, Officer Travis Banning, Officer Daniel Antoni, Officer Ian Dawson, Officer Brent Roadcap, Officer Daril Foose, Officer Wesley Feduke, Officer Rachel James, Officer Nicholas Herbster, Officer Robert Fitzkee, Officer Brock Fasnacht, Officer Francisco Gonzalez Jr. and Officer Martise Scott

Penbrook Police Officers:  Jesse Foltz and Robin Bloss

Highspire Police Officer Christopher Santiago

Lower Swatara Police Officers:  Ryan Lesko and Sgt. Daniel Tingle

Middletown Police Officers:  Adam Tankersly, Keegan Wenner, Scott Tantlinger, Juan Castro

Lower Paxton Police Officers:  Zethan Weary, Brian Egli

Swatara Township Police Officers:  Dominic Payne Jr., Timothy Kramer Jr., Patrick Walsh, Detective James Moyer, Patrick Corkle, Kenneth Platt

Derry Township Police Officers:  Rian Bell, Dennis Eckenrode, Sgt.Robert Demmel

Hummelstown Police: Officer Christopher Mason

Susquehanna Township Police Officers:  Sgt. Shawki Lacey, Sgt. Richard Adams, Travis Pidcock, Detective Lee Tarasi, Ryan Lindsley, Christopher Haines

Steelton Police Officers:  Arthur Etnoyer, Michael Smith, Chief Anthony Minium, Dennis Basonic

Dauphin County Sheriff’s Deputies:  Cpl. Jeffrey Teeter, Deputy Maurice Edwards

PA State Attorney General Agent: Daniel Jenkins

Dauphin County Probation Officers:  Yael Hernandez-Figuero, Naomi Morrow

Capitol Police Officers:  Lt. Gerald Lee, Sgt. John Szcypta, Robert Evans, Robert Furlong, Joseph Dowdrick, Timothy Horst, Chad Showers, Roberts Schmidt, Patricia Parkes, Richard Brown, Charles Eyler, Matthew Curci, Gary Utter, Davis Nardis, Gregory Richards, Shaun Burke

Pennsylvania State Police: Cpl. William Colvin (Gettysburg), Trooper Stuart Kock, Trooper Konstantin Dyakov (HBG), Trooper Scott Markley (HBG), Shannon Eichenseer, Wesley Johnson

Dauphin County Dispatchers:   Rachel Kennedy, Carmen Geigel, Justin Henning, Mark Ulrich, Kevin Dupler, Mark Matten