2019 Harrisburg Bureau of Police Awards and Swearing-in Ceremony

On Thursday, June 27, 2019, at 10:00 a.m., Mayor Eric Papenfuse and Commissioner Thomas Carter presented awards to outstanding officers at the yearly award ceremony at the Forum Auditorium at the State Capital Complex. The event serves to recognize officers who have distinguished themselves and the Harrisburg Bureau of Police by their exemplary bravery and praiseworthy deeds.


New Police Officers

Leea Abelmalek

Brooke N. Bolton

Joseph M. Giovenco

Mark Kingsboro

Evan McKenna

Juwan Mitchell

Brandon J. Remington

Jeremy Sborz

Brian M. Stright II


Distinguished Service Citation

Detective Jason Brinker

Detective Jason Brinker joined the Harrisburg Bureau of Police in 1997.  He spent four years in the Uniformed Patrol Division, and in 2001 he was assigned to the Auto Theft Unit, within the Criminal Investigations Division.  In 2003 Detective Brinker was assigned to the Adult Offender Section of the Criminal Investigations Division and has served as a detective in that section ever since.  Throughout his career as a detective with the Harrisburg Bureau of Police; Detective Brinker has led or assisted in just about every imaginable type of criminal investigation.  He has been involved in over a hundred homicide investigations, and has never been the affiant in a homicide case that hasn’t resulted in a successful prosecution.  Due to his tenure in the Criminal Investigations Division, Detective Brinker has been looked at as a leader amongst his peers.  He is also considered a valuable asset to his supervision.


Officer Brandon Braughler

Officer Brandon Braughler joined the Harrisburg Bureau of Police in 2014.  He has made substantial contributions to his platoon that greatly contribute to efficient platoon operations.  He eagerly volunteers for calls to such a degree the Dauphin County Emergency Management dispatchers contact his supervision at the end of several shifts asking he be recognized for his proactive approach to handling calls as they come in. Officer Braughler is a Traffic Safety Officer, Field Training Officer, Platoon Forensics Officer, Honor Guard Officer, and will handle any call assigned with efficiency and vigor. On top of his assigned duties, Officer Braughler teaches for the Harrisburg Bureau of Police Citizen’s Police Academy and teaches new recruits during their in-house training. He has an infectious can-do spirit, completes all assigned tasks and volunteers readily for additional calls, tasks, and responsibilities.  


Officer Garrett Miller

Officer Garrett Miller has been a member of the Harrisburg Bureau of Police since 2001.  He is a nearly 20- year veteran officer with a long productive career. In 2018, Officer Miller was assigned as the senior patrol officer and had the responsibilities as a city-wide unit that responded to calls throughout the entire city and tackled problems where needed.   Officer Miller has set the example for professionalism on his platoon and even steps up to train new officers. He is established as a very proactive officer and continues to conduct proactive work within one of the city’s busiest districts.  He is a respected officer by his peers as well as a community favorite.  He has a good rapport with citizens in the higher crime areas and with community leaders throughout the city.


Officer Daril Foose

Officer DariI Foose has been a member of the Harrisburg Bureau of Police since 2015, following a 1 ½ year stint with Dauphin County Probation, as an Adult Probation Officer.  While with Probation Services, Officer Foose was assigned a Harrisburg City case load; an assignment that developed into a passion for the profession.  She has established herself as a pro-active officer who is looked upon as one of the leaders of the platoon, and has learned to take on all the responsibilities that come with it. She is routinely one of the first officers to identify suspect photographs, as well as their known whereabouts and associates. Officer Foose is also member of the Dauphin County Gang Task Force, where she has been recognized as a certified Gang Specialist, which allows her to testify as an expert in Dauphin County court cases.

Citizen Commendations
Mr. Jordin Tharrett, Mr. Louis Michelsen, Ms. Christal Nicholas, Mr.  Taron Vaughan, Mr. Michael Slaughter


Award for VALOR

US Marshall Christopher Hill, US Marshall Phil Lewis, Harrisburg City Officer Jeffery Cook, York City Police Officer Kyle Pitts, Swatara Police Officer Mike Bowser, Pennsylvania State Trooper Neal Navitsky, York County Sheriff’s Deputy Nate Payne, State Parole Agent Larry Smith, State Parole Agent Rob Roland


Award for BRAVERY

Officer Jeremy Crist, Officer Nicholas Herbster, Officer Brent Roadcap



Detective Ryan Fetzer, Officer Robert Fitzkee, Officer Cynthia Kreiser


Award for MERIT

Harrisburg PD: Detective Richard Iachini, Lt. Atah Akakpo-Martin, Lt. Terry Wealand, Sgt. Raymond Lyda, Sgt. Kenneth Young, Cpl. Robbery Minnier, Officer Angela Hohmna, Officer John Roskinsi, Officer Justin Wells, Officer Martise Scott, Officer Robert Fleagle, Officer Amy Bright, Officer Peter Rivera, Officer Brenda Harmon, Officer Derek Fenton, Officer Uriah Aviles, Officer Esteban Restrepo, Officer Antwyn Chatman, Officer John Doll, Officer Brandon Yeager, Officer Ernest Jenkins


Community Life Team: EMS Captain Zachary Myers, Paramedic Jenifer Carter, Paramedic Brendon Kroner, Paramedic Nick Bulavko, EMT Mick Ebersole, EMT Chris Coble


Distinguished Unit Citation


Harrisburg PD:  Investigator Karen Lyda, Investigator William Kimmick, Detective Jason Brinker, Detective Christopher Silvio, Detective Jon Fustine, Detective Richard Gibney, Detective Richard Iachini, Detective Jacob Pierce, Officer Nina Maus, Officer Brian Carriere, Officer Michael Rudy, Officer Nathan Ishman, Officer Daril Foose, Officer Chad McGowan, Officer Jeremy Crist, Officer Darrin Bates


Dauphin County Probation:  Officer Bruce Cutter, Officer Daniel Kinsinger, Officer Jesse Chianos, Officer Anne Marie Welch Christian, Officer Naomi Morrow, Officer Aaron Harvey

PA State Parole:  Agent Allen Shipley


Harrisburg PD:  Sgt. Todd Abromitis, Sgt. James Galkowski Cpl. Marc McNaughton, Cpl. Chris Delozier, Det. Christopher Krokos, Inv. William Kimmick, Inv. Michael Maurer, Officer Ian Dawson, Officer Matthew Nordstrom, Officer James Hawkins, Officer Kelley English, Officer Daniel Antoni, Officer Brandon Shetterly, Officer Travis Banning, Officer Jeamee Cobb, Officer Stephanie Barralet, Officer Anthony Cummings, Officer Nina Maus, Officer Brandon Braughler, Officer Daril Foose, Officer Jeremy Crist, Officer Christopher Palamara, Officer Todd Arnold, Officer Stephen Marte


Penbrook PD: Officer Anthony Aquiler

Susquehanna PD: Sgt. Brian Tienter, Officer Kevin Scott, Officer Andrew Somma, Officer Russell Stratford, Officer Alex Arroyo, Officer Richard Wilson, Officer Jason Doyle, Officer Jason Rever, Officer David Yanich, Officer Andrew Verbos, Officer Tyler Parrey, Officer Calvin Vanderpool, Officer Benjamin Lauver

Lower Paxton PD:  Cpl. Zachary Fehrenbach, PFC Ryan Kimmel, PFC Benjamin Jones Officer Steven Wertz, Officer Melidna Welcomer, Officer Brian McIntyre

Swatara PD: Sgt. Ronald Soutner, Cpl. Scott Neal, Cpl. Brandon Pokrop, Det. James Moyer, Det. Patrick Corkle, Det. David Horner, Officer Richard Lecadre, Officer Scott Gibson, Officer John Schmoyer, Officer Rodney Zwigart, Officer David Ritter, Officer Shelby Day

Steelton PD: Officer Arthur Etnoyer, Officer William Snyder

Highspire PD: Officer Jeffrey Levan, Officer Casey McMillian

Lower Swatara PD: Sgt. David Frantz, Officer Jason Mallot, Officer Patrick Ribec

Middletown PD:  Sgt. Scott Yoder, Officer Blake Bilbrey

Hummelstown PD: Chief William Ryan, Officer Jamie Kopinetz

Derry Township PD:  Sgt. Robert Demmel, Det. David Rode, Det. Andrew Herr, Officer Jason Rode, Officer Rian Bell, Officer Michael McCormick

Penn State PD: Officer Marlene Sherwin

Capitol PD:  Sgt. Rich Schur

Dauphin County CID:  Chief John Goshert, Sgt. Todd Johnson, Det. Dennis Woodring

Dauphin County Sheriff:  Deputy Tiffany Scannapieco, Deputy Paul Leggore, Deputy Sean Reed, Deputy Tommy Cuckovic, Deputy Mark Crossan, Deputy Justin Hain, Deputy Scott Starr, Deputy Raymond Stoltzfus, Deputy Oleweiler, Deputy Dominic Cristillo, Deputy Joshua Long, Deputy Joshua Pierce

Dauphin County EMA:  Michael Sobers, Thomas Swank, Daniel Crum, Susan Sipos, Jodi Pottiger, Craig Powers, Jason Graff, Joann Straub, Daniel Mader, Bryan Easton, Matthew Hartman