DUI Enforcement & Checkpoint

The Harrisburg Bureau of Police, in conjunction with the Dauphin County DUI Task Force and other local agencies, will be conducting a DUI Checkpoint and roving patrols the week of the 4th of July Holiday. 


Enforcement will be occurring throughout the Commonwealth of PA.


Safety Tips:

  •  If you plan on drinking have a designated driver for you or your group.
  •  Ask for a ride, have contact information for Taxi Cab companies, Lyft or Uber, or have someone who will not be drinking pick you up.
  •  If you are drinking and walking use the buddy system, the more people the better.
  •  If you see a potential drunk driver call 911, it could save a life.


The Harrisburg Bureau of Police and the Dauphin County DUI Task Force wishes you a happy 4th of July!  Please stay safe and drink responsibly.