Police Warn Against Space Saving

The Harrisburg Police would like to warn it's residents and visitors against "space saving" parking spots on public streets and roadways. The police understand the frustration of shoveling out a parking spot, only to have someone else utilize it. But, would like to remind residents and visitors that sidewalks and roadways (to include designated parking areas) need to remain clear of any obstructions that could impede pedestrian or vehicle traffic.

Violations could result in a summary citation, pursuant to the city ordinance. Residents and visitors are encouraged to work with each other to ensure adequate parking for everyone in their neighborhoods. 

Per Harrisburg City Ordinance, Title 9 Part 3 Chapter 9-309.6:

It shall be unlawful to obstruct any sidewalk or street with any refuse or waste receptacle. All sidewalk areas and streets must be kept free from obstructions that could impede pedestrian or vehicle traffic. A violation of this provision shall constitute a Category 2 violation; an offense subject to a nontraffic summary citation and penalty pursuant to § 9-311.4C.