Hit and Run 15 Ligan Street



On 1/72019 at approx. 1500 hrs an officer responded to a report of a hit and run to a parked vehicle. The victim explained that at approximately 1 AM, this morning, he heard some type of commotion outside of his residence. When he awoke later on this date, he looked outside and saw debris lying along the curtilage of his property near his 2015 Toyota Seinna van, which was parked facing north, in front of his house, against the east curb of Ligan Street. Upon going outside and inspecting the debris, he realized it was parts of the driver's side door mirror of his Seinna van.

It is unknown at this time who or what caused the damage to his vehicle.

Anyone with information, please contact the Highspire Borough police department at 717-939-9866

Monday, January 7, 2019 (All day)

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