Robbery of Turkey Hill



On 3/12/18 at approx. 0655 hours DCEMA dispatched the police to a robbery that just occurred at the Turkey Hill located at 686 second street. DCEMA advised complainant said the subject left out a side door of the store and was heading towards the car wash. Victim advised DCEMA that the subject left with money in a blue bank bag.

Contact was made immediately over the phone to victim to get a good description of the subject. The victim said it was a male subject approx. 180 lbs and was wearing a gray hoodie with a short billed cap on under the hoodie and was wearing a mask and gloves.

The victim stated that she could tell it was a white male through the eye holes in his mask.

The suspect was wearing light brown boots and had a red short sleeve jersey on over the hoodie that had the number 5 on the sleeves.

The total loss was $1786 dollars.

Anyone with information, please contact the Highspire police department. 717-558-6900

Monday, March 12, 2018
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