Abandoned Vehicle Removal

UPDATE - Over 40 vehicles have been identified and tagged as abandoned. The owners are actively working on gaining compliance or removing these vehicles from the Borough.

Spring is soon here.  This is a good time of year to conduct clean-up of items outside.  The Hummelstown Police are also conducting spring clean-up of abandoned motor vehicles.  Storage of motor vehicles that are unable to move under their own power is prohibited by local ordinance.  Vehicles with defects that could contribute to injury or harboring vermin is also prohibited.  See this link for more info,  https://www.ecode360.com/30982149.  

Within a few hours, 19 vehicles were identified as abandoned.  These vehicles were tagged with an orange sticker.  Property/vehicle owners will receive a letter informing them of the ordinance and the violation have been sent.  Similar checks will be conducted with the next few weeks to identify all abandoned vehicles.

The Police Departments goal is not to issue citations in any of these cases.  If the vehicle/property owner brings their vehicle into compliance our goal has been met.  A no cost solution is available to owners as well.  A licensed vehicle salvor is available to remove any vehicle at NO COST.  The salvor is then able to recycle the vehicle or obtain the price of scrap metal to recover his/her removal costs.  Some charitable organizations will accept the vehicle at no cost.

If you have a vehicle on your property that is unwanted please contact HBPD at 717-566-2555 to obtain the necessary forms.