Employment Scam



A Township resident accepted a position with a company identified as "Medicare Inc." which included an interview via Google Messenger and was mailed a check for over $2000 from the "Santa Barbara Bank of California".  He was instructed to deposit the check in his account and send two Western Union Money Grams to named persons in North Carolina and California to purchase supplies for the position.  The funds were released by his bank according to Federal banking regulations but he was later notified that the check was a fake.  The Money Grams were claimed immediately at an as yet unknown location and his money is gone.  Whoever he was communicating with is now nowhere to be found and the one phone number he did have is disconnected.  His loss is over $2000.

Residents are cautioned to very carefully vet any offer of employment that utilizes the internet for the job search and hiring process.  Although there are legitimate jobs available to work from home, many are scams.  However, almost all offers that require that you send money via Western Union or any other internet payment method in order to accept employment are scams.  Scammers often use loopholes in the Federal banking regulations to bilk money from persons who believe that, because the bank has released the money, the check is good.  Unfortunately, the time limits imposed by those regulations usually do not give the banks sufficient time to validate the check and receive the funds themselves.  The customer is the one left holding the bag.   

Wednesday, May 6, 2015 (All day)

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