Man Brandishes Multiple Guns on Police



On Friday, 3/3/17 at approximately 6:38am LPPD was dispatched to the area of the 4400 block of Marblehead Street for the report of a suspicious person.  The suspicious person was described as a male wearing a headlight and a surgical mask and he was reportedly hiding in the bushes and then jumping out and possibly shooting a BB gun towards people and vehicles.  As LPPD officers arrived on scene a few minutes later it was discovered that a PSP Trooper already had the suspect detained in the area of Gloucester Street and Berkley Street.  The Trooper reported that as he was passing through the area he came across the suspect walking in the roadway.  As the Trooper drove by the suspect in his unmarked police vehicle the suspect displayed a handgun and held the gun out in front of him, pointing it down towards the ground however in the direction of the Trooper.  The Trooper immediately confronted the suspect and during the incident the suspect displayed an additional handgun and again pointed it down toward the ground however held it out in front of him towards the Trooper.  The Trooper was able to talk the suspect into putting the guns away and complying with his verbal commands without anyone being injured.  The suspect was ultimately transported via ambulance from the scene to a local hospital for a mental health evaluation.  LPPD assisted PSP with the incident however PSP is handling the investigation and subsequent criminal charges.

Friday, March 3, 2017
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