Student Assaulted at Bus Stop



A 15 year old Dauphin County Vo-Tech student was struck in the back of the head yesterday morning, October 14th, while waiting at a bus stop at Fairmont Dr. and Clover Rd.  The student, who did not realize the seriousness of his injuries and did not immediately report the incident, was knocked unconscious by a pipe-like object extended or swung out of a window of a passing vehicle that was driving east on Clover Rd.  He described the vehicle as being a "metallic light blue sedan" that was occupied by at least two White/Males.  Another student arriving at the bus stop discovered him on the ground.  Police were notified at about 1:00 PM after the student texted his mother about the incident.  He first went to a Township urgent care facility before being taken to the Hershey Medical Center by ambulance where he was treated for a serious neck injury.  All indications are that this was a deliberate act and not an accident.  Anyone with any information about this incident is requested to immediately contact the Police Department via (717) 657-5656 or by submitting a tip on this website.  

Thursday, October 15, 2015

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