Criminal Investigation Division

The Criminal Investigations Division provides specialized investigative and administrative support to the Patrol Division. The Criminal Investigations Division is under the command of Lieutenant Justin DePasqua and is comprised of the Criminal Investigation Unit (Detectives), Property and Evidence Unit, Community Policing Unit, School Resource Officers, Records and Administrative Unit and the Warrant Unit.  The Criminal Investigations Division is staffed with thirteen police personnel: a Detective Sergeant, a Detective Corporal, five Detectives assigned to criminal investigations, one Detective assigned to juvenile investigations, a Detective assigned to the Dauphin County Drug Task Force, an officer in the Warrant Unit, two School Resource Officers and one technician assigned to the property and evidence function.   There are four civilian employees assigned to the Division.

Members of the Criminal Investigation Unit perform both initial criminal investigations and follow-up investigations involving adults.   Detectives conduct initial investigations of serious crimes and conduct follow-up investigations when time, geography, or manpower restraints prevent Patrol from continuing the investigation.  The Property and Evidence Unit maintains property and evidence collected by officers, processes crime scenes and potential evidence submitted by officers and investigators and, utilizing a state of the art computer program, maintains the chain of custody of evidence and property in accordance with national and state standards.  The Juvenile Unit is responsible for crimes involving juveniles as both perpetrators and victims and serves as the liaison with the schools of the Central Dauphin School District and Dauphin County Juvenile Probation.  A School Resource Officer is assigned to the Dauphin County Technical School and one is assigned to Central Dauphin East Sr. High School. Records and Admin is responsible for maintaining the Department’s Records Management System and all associated paperwork and electronic documentation.  The Warrant Unit serves the Department’s arrest warrants and works with the U.S. Marshall’s Joint Fugitive Task Force. 

The Criminal Investigation Unit utilizes a computerized case management system and cases are assigned to the Detectives who specialize in those crimes.  Crimes against Persons Detectives investigate sex crimes, assaults, and other crimes directed at the victim.  Crimes against Property Detectives investigate Burglaries, Thefts, Access Device Frauds, Auto Thefts and other crimes directed at the victim’s property.  Detectives receive intensive training every year designed to keep them abreast of the most advanced investigative methods available and up to date on the ever changing criminal world. 

In 2014, investigators were assigned 450 criminal investigations.  This was an average of 75 cases per investigator.  Investigators closed 197 of those cases by arrest and 134 by exceptional means (solved but with no prosecution).  This was a total clearance rate of 73.5% of assigned cases.