Property and Evidence

Three officers are assigned to the Property and Evidence Unit of the Criminal Investigation Division, one full time and two as back-ups.    The Property and Evidence Unit is responsible for the handling, storage, and disposition of all property and evidence seized by police officers.  Evidence Officers are tasked with processing all major crime scenes and attending post-mortem examinations at the Coroner’s Office. The full-time evidence tech is a member of the Dauphin County Forensic Team, which is a team of highly trained forensic specialists who respond to process major crimes scenes in Dauphin County.  The Evidence Unit also maintains a digital photo lab for processing and storing digital images.

The Evidence Unit handles approximately 8,000-9,000 items of property and evidence annually. All property and evidence received is processed and stored, transferred to a crime lab, transferred to county court, released to the owner, turned over to the State, or destroyed.