Rapid Response Team

Twelve officers were selected by their supervisors to serve as part of the Department’s Rapid Response Team. The team is capable of responding rapidly to a critical incident.  Patrol Sergeant Tim Hicks is the team leader and oversees training and operations.  The members of the team undergo intensive firearms, tactics, and hostage rescue technique training at the Fort Indiantown Gap advanced training facilities and at several schools and large commercial buildings within the township.  Team members have access to ballistic shields, tactical rifles, and ballistic helmets.

When an active shooter situation begins, it is imperative that the first police responders take immediate action to pursue and make contact with the shooter in order to save lives.  Experience has proven that it is absolutely necessary that officers stay focused and intent on locating the active shooter and end the shooting, rather then stop to aid victims, or become a victim themselves. The sooner the shooter can be contained, captured, or neutralized, fewer casualties will occur. In active shooter incidents, officers are trained to move rapidly through unsecured areas, even bypassing the injured, in an effort to end the shooting as quickly as possible. 

The Rapid Response Team is designed to take immediate action to stabilize a serious situation until the Dauphin County Crisis Response Team (CRT) can be mobilized and respond to the scene.