Records and Administrative Unit

The Records and Administrative Unit is responsible for the storage and maintenance of police department documentation to include criminal records; offense, incident and accident reports; traffic and non-traffic citations; parking tickets; and criminal arrest files. The staff of the Records Unit responds to thousands of requests each year for copies of incident and accident reports, criminal records requests, criminal history checks, and processing of parking ticket payments. Unit members provide essential services to the general public, members of the Department, and other police agencies.

The Business Office Supervisor supervises the Records and Administrative Unit. There are currently three records clerks and one secretary. The Business Office Supervisor is responsible for assigning and overseeing the daily activities of the records clerks and secretaries. The primary responsibilities of the clerks include receiving phone calls, assisting the public at the front windows, filing, data entry, and document scanning. The duties of the two secretaries include, administration of the criminal arrest records, maintaining financial records, completing payroll and attendance records, transcription, and other related tasks associated with the day to day operation of the Department.

Unit members are actively involved in tracking police activity and productivity, which then allows the Director of Public Safety and command staff to accurately measure resource allocation and its effect on crime. The records clerks and secretaries assist the Community Policing Unit in gathering crime, traffic enforcement, and accident data that is then analyzed and disseminated monthly. This important information allows for immediate attention and re-allocation of resources when necessary.
The Records Unit faces new challenges every year. Federal and state legislation (e.g. Criminal History Records and Information Act, Open Records Act) directly impact the Unit which is tasked with not only supplying records as needed but also with protecting those records.  Increased training of personnel along with technological advances are necessary to improve overall efficiency of the records management process. Members of the Records Unit and Department administration continue to evaluate new and innovative methods to improve the overall efficiency of the Unit and improve service to the community and the Department.

The Police Records and Administrative office is open from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., Monday through Friday, excluding holidays, to serve the Department and members of the community.