Traffic Safety Unit

The Traffic Safety Unit is a unit within the Patrol Division. A Sergeant, a Corporal and four Officers are assigned to the unit. The Unit’s primary task is to investigate all fatal vehicle collisions and the majority of the more serious vehicle collisions that occur in the Township. Unit officers also investigate many of the minor non-reportable crashes that occur in the Township.
The responsibilities of the Unit are not limited to accident investigation. Unit members also conduct traffic engineering studies and surveys to evaluate current and projected traffic conditions. The surveys determine whether improvements or corrections are necessary at specific intersections, within residential developments, or along roadway segments. 
Members of the Traffic Safety Unit coordinate and implement selective traffic enforcement details at locations which are experiencing a significant vehicle or pedestrian accident history. The Traffic Safety Unit conducts more than 1,000 selective traffic enforcement details annually.

As part of our endeavor to reduce speeding problems, the Department utilizes two state of the art speed-warning trailers. The trailers are placed at locations with a high incidence of speeding with the hope of gaining voluntary compliance with posted speed limit restrictions. The speed-warning trailers are deployed throughout the township on a daily bases unless prohibited by weather conditions.

The Traffic Unit develops and presents safety programs to various community groups, schools, the Youth Police Academy, and the Citizen’s Police Academy. These programs are designed to create increased driver safety awareness among drivers of all ages. The Traffic Safety Unit is also responsible for overseeing all aspects of the School Crossing Guard program and coordinates the hiring, training, and scheduling of all school crossing guards in the Township. The crossing guards ensure that the students who walk to and from school each day can do so as safely as possible.