Fraudulent Phone Calls

     The Lower Paxton Police Department is warning the public to be on the alert for a popular phone scam which has been identified recently by township residents.  A message is left on a recipient's voice-mail by someone claiming to be an FBI agent or similar law enforcement source.  The recipient is advised that the message is their final warning, that their address is under investigation, and that an arrest warrant has been issued for them.  Township residents are reminded that law enforcement, including the FBI do not call private citizens to threaten them with arrest or warrants for non-payment and will never solicit payment over the phone.  Township residence are warned not to provide any unsolicited personal information if they are contacted in this way.  Payments for fines are often due to a judges offices or court houses and can be paid at a government building.  Payment for fines will never be sought in the form of gift cards or wire transfers.