Home Improvement Scam

On 11/13/19 an elderly resident from the Clermont Neighborhood fell victim to a home improvement scam.  The victim was approached by 3 men, who advised the victim she was in need of a new roof.  Suspects were able to convince the victim to proceed with the work and accompanied her to the bank, where the victim withdrew cash in order to pay for the work.  On 11/18/19 a w/m and w/f returned to the victim's residence and advised they needed more money to complete the work.  Victim and suspects traveled to the bank and the victim withdrew more money and provided it to the suspects.  The victim has paid the suspects over $16,000.00.  The w/m from the second incident is described as being in 30's and having a heavy accent.  He was operating a white pickup truck.  The truck had a registration from an unknown state and was black numbers and letters  on a white background.  Residents are reminded to be wary of any unsolicited home improvement offers.  Residents should research and vet any contractor and no money should be provided for the work without a signed contract. Anyone with information on this incident is asked to contact Det. Jim Glucksman at  717-657-5656 or jglucksman@lowerpaxton-pa.gov.