Home Improvement Scam

On Tuesday September 15, 2020 during the afternoon hours in the area of Woodcrest Lane and Colonial Road, a Lower Paxton resident fell victim to a Home Improvement / Deceptive Business / Driveway Sealer scam. 

The victim was outside her residence when she observed a newer molder silver Chevy Silverado Pick-up pulling a small trailer park in her driveway.  An unknown white female and a white male, both possibly in their 40’s, exited the pick-up and started to spray some unknown black substance onto the victim’s driveway without obtaining permission.  The male suspect ignored the victim’s requests to leave her property.  When the male was done spraying the driveway he loudly intimidated the victim using threatening mannerisms.  The victim was afraid and was threatened into writing a $4000 check paid out to cash.  The check was subsequently stopped at the bank.  No identifying information for the suspects were obtained. 

Lower Paxton residents are encouraged to immediately contact 911 any time someone is attempting to threaten them into doing work on their property without their permission.  Lower Paxton Township ordinance requires that all peddlers who are soliciting within the township must obtain a Peddler’s Permit from the Lower Paxton Township Police Department, and that the peddlers display the permit when interacting with residents. 

Please contact 911 if these circumstances present themselves as these scams are typically done at this time of year by individuals who do not reside locally.