New Fireworks Ordinance

With the arrival of summer, the Lower Paxton Police Department has received an increase in fireworks-related calls from citizens of the township.

As many of you are aware, consumer fireworks are now legal in Pennsylvania - but please understand that there are state and local restrictions that accompany the new law. The Lower Paxton Board of Supervisors passed an amended Township Ordinance which went into effect on May 27.

Just to get definitions out of the way, consumer fireworks are the kinds of fireworks that a person can legally purchase without a permit or license. Quarter sticks of dynamite and the like are still very much prohibited. Sparklers are not considered consumer fireworks. They are OK to use and not subject to the prohibitions of the ordinance.

The ordinance allows for the purchase, possession and use of consumer fireworks by an individual 18 years of age and older with the following prohibitions:

1. No consumer fireworks on any township property - this includes streets, sidewalks and parks.

2. No consumer fireworks on private property without the express WRITTEN permission of the owner

3. No consumer fireworks or sparkling devices may be lit within a vehicle nor thrown from a motor vehicle or building. (This should be obvious, folks.)

4. No consumer fireworks may be used while under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

5. No consumer fireworks within 150 feet of an occupied structure (whether or not it is occupied at the time.)

6. No consumer fireworks on a property less than ONE ACRE.

7. No consumer fireworks between the hours of 10:00pm and 7:00am. On New Year's Eve the cutoff time is extended until 12:30am New Years Day and the cutoff is extended until 11:00pm on July 4.

Anyone found in violation of the Township Ordinance is subject to a $100 fine.

These are just the portions of the ordinance that people have the most questions about. The full text can be found on the Township website.

Have a great summer and be safe.