An Open Letter to Our Citizens from Your Police Department

The horrific murders of Police Officers in Dallas has been a very difficult issue for the law enforcement community nationwide.  While it is understandable that emotions run high with recent high-profile allegations of police misconduct, it is unfathomable that a person would intentionally plan for and murder officers at a peaceful rally.

However, one of the good things that has resulted from this senseless crime is the outpouring of support that has come from citizens all across the nation.  That is particularly evident here in Lower Paxton Township.  Words fail to express the gratitude that is felt by your Lower Paxton Township Police Officers and Staff over the many kind expressions and acts that have been received.  We have been stopped in the street just so people could say “thank you” for our efforts.  We have been inundated with cakes, cookies and pastries.  Our restaurants have sent food to the station.  We have received many calls and visits at our station from people who just wanted to wish us well.  We have received cards, online postings, letters and anonymous contributions.  In a time when police are portrayed and in a generally negative manner, it is both humbling and uplifting to us to see such support for our chosen profession.

In Lower Paxton Township, we believe that community engagement is critical to successful police operations.  We will always strive hard to do things right.  We may not always do our job in a way that pleases everyone, but we will never stop trying.  We sincerely thank you for your support and trust and will endeavor to act in a way that earns it, now and in the future.