Public Safety Director Spotts appointed to additional role as Chief of Police

The Board of Supervisors has appointed Public Safety Director David Spotts to an additional role as the Chief of Police.  The Public Safety Director position is and has been responsible for the protection of lives and property in Lower Paxton Township through the management of the Police Department, among other public safety duties.  As the Public Safety Director, Director Spotts administers all police functions, as did his predecessor.  That role includes management of police personnel and assignments; management of budget allocations; and specific project activities.  In addition, the Public Safety Director coordinates other public safety functions including, but not limited to fire services, emergency medical services, emergency management services and emergency communications services. 

The additional assignment as the Chief of Police will allow Spotts to provide a uniformed command presence within and on behalf of the Lower Paxton Township Police Department when necessary.  This added position acknowledges the scope of responsibilities that Chief Spotts has been performing since he was hired as the Public Safety Director in November of 2015.