The test will take place today, June 4th at 12:15 pm. During the test, all 96 sirens will sound for a full 3 minutes. 

Please be advised of the following road closures planned for this week:

Due to construction, North Union Street between Fulling Mill Road and 80th Street/Fiddlers Elbow Road will be closed daily from 7 PM to 5AM starting on May 26th, 2020. It is anticipated that the work will be completed in 30 days.

The Lower Swatara Township Police has recently observed a rise in email scams. These scammers take advantage of victims by using the “fear for pay” tactic, also known as extortion. An email is usually sent to the victim containing a previously used password and a threat to “leak” embarrassing information about the victim in exchange for a payment. Usually, this payment is in the form of Bitcoin. Please see the following Flyer by the Philadelphia United States Secret Service Task Force for tips to combat this type of attack:

The Lower Swatara Township Police Department would like you to be aware of the most recent SCAMS involving actors using COVID-19 to SCAM citizens. Please view the attached photos for further details.

*Courtesy of the USSS Philadelphia Electronic Crimes Task Force

As we enter tax season, you may encounter numerous types of SCAMS or attempted FRAUD. @PABankingAndSecurities provides a great brochure to help protect you and steps to take if you become a victim .

The items pictured here were found in a backpack along the walking path around Reservoir Park in Highspire. Several of the items found inside the backpack were identified as stolen property of residents from a string of Thefts from Autos that occurred in August of 2019. These Thefts from Autos took place in the Rosedale neighborhood and specifically in the 2000 block of  Market Street Extended in Lower Swatara Township. It is likely the backpack belonged to the suspect.

The Lower Swatara Township Police Department found a female Husky on January 2, 2020. The husky is describes as having black and white fur. The husky was found in the area of Lisa Lake Mobile Home Park. The husky has a black harness on and no chip. The husky was taken to the Harrisburg Humane Society on Grayson Rd.

As the Holidays approach, the Lower Swatara Police Department and the United States Secret Service Electronic Crime Task Force would like to provide you with Holiday Online Shopping tips. Please review the attached flyer. Happy Holidays!

On November 23, 2019 at approximately 1:00 AM, Officers responded to the area of Whitehouse Ln and Georgetown Rd for a reported Found Dog.

Anyone with information regarding the owner is urged to contact the Lower Swatara Police Department. 717-939-0463.