Accident Reports

The Lykens Borough Police Department releases accident reports in accordance with 75 Pa.C.S., §3751(b)(1) and (B)(5).  The text of these sections are as follows:

75 Pa.C.S. §3751. Reports by police.
(1) Police departments shall, upon request, furnish a certified copy of the full report of the police investigation of any vehicle accident to any person involved in the accident, his attorney or insurer, and to the Federal Government, branches of the military service, Commonwealth agencies, and to officials of political subdivisions and to agencies of other states and nations and their political subdivisions.
(5) Police departments may refuse to furnish the complete copy of investigation of the vehicle accident whenever there are criminal charges pending against any persons involved in the vehicle accident unless the Pennsylvania Rules of Criminal Procedure require the production of the documents.

There is a $15.00 fee for all released accident reports, payable to the Lykens Borough Police Department.  You may request a copy of an accident report in person or in writing to the following address:

Lykens Borough Police Department
200 Main Street
Lykens, PA  17048