ATTENTION! - Snow Emergency Declared for March 3rd, 2019!

Attention All Residents and Those Visiting the Borough! 

Please see this link in reference to the Snow Emergency -

Mayor Curry had declared a Snow Emergency for the Borough of Middletown starting TOMORROW - March 3rd, 2019 at NOON...UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE!

Due to the forecast for heavy snow, please do not operate any motor vehicles within the Borough's confines UNLESS it is ESSENTIAL or to PRESERVE HEALTH AND SAFETY. 

Also, vehicles that are parked on Snow Emergency Routes within the Borough shall be towed. PLEASE ALLOW THIS POST TO SERVE AS ADEQUATE NOTICE TO MAKE SURE YOUR VEHICLES ARE IN A PROPER LOCATION COME NOON TOMORROW. 

During the duration of the Snow Emergency all persons within the Borough are to obey all orders and directives of Borough Police, State Police, and any other peace Officer regarding vehicle routes and pedestrian traffic. 


The Middletown Borough Police Department