Chief's Message

Most people go about their daily activities with little thought about their local police department.  Most people go about their lives with only occasional “official” contacts with the police.  Most people expect the police to be there when needed and have confidence the police will be professional, compassionate, properly trained, and demonstrate the highest levels of integrity.  And in a free society, this is how it should be.  As your Chief of Police, I strive to ensure that the Penbrook Police Department meets or exceeds your expectations. 

This World Wide Web initiative is intended to provide our community with information and insight into the activities of the police department.  We will endeavor to provide timely police related information, including occurrences of crime, arrests, traffic and auto accident information, and other matters we hope to be of value to you.   Additionally, we want to use this forum to allow you to become better acquainted with your police department.

A healthy society is a joint venture that includes the police, elected and appointed officials, and most importantly, all community members.  Through our combined efforts we will enjoy a safe and prosperous community.

David E. Hiester

Chief of Police

Penbrook Borough