Mission, Vision, Values

"The strength of a democracy and the quality of life enjoyed by its citizens are determined in large measure by the ability of the police to discharge their duties."  (Policing a Free Society  by Herman Goldstein)



It is the central mission of the Penbrook Police Department to apply our constitutionally granted authority to prevent people from preying on one another and to provide people with a sense of security, thereby creating an environment where the existence of democracy is possible.  


The Penbrook Police Department strives to provide fair, unbiased law enforcement service to the community.  By collaborating with community members, working with the community’s elected leadership, implementing appropriate technologies, coupled with a well-trained and professional police force, we believe the Penbrook community will be an environment where everyone has the opportunity to thrive and prosper.


Honor, Service, Integrity.

Honor - a clear sense of ethical conduct

Service - a duty to work for others

Integrity - to adhere to moral, ethical, and lawful principles 

David E. Hiester, Chief of Police