Many thanks.

Just over 39 years ago I joined the Penbrook community.  I did not know anyone in Penbrook but the Borough leadership had seen fit to offer me a job in the Police Department.   Like most newly hired officers I set out to learn the art of policing.  For the next 21 years I tried my best to provide sound police patrol service to the community.  In 2000 Penbrook’s elected leadership offered me the opportunity to be Police Chief.  Enthusiastically I set out to successfully lead your police department. 

However, through these many years it was never about me.  It was always about you, the community.  Whether working as a patrol officer or supervising officers I tried to do what I believed to be the best thing for the people in our community.  I hope my work is judged worthy of you, the thousands of members of the Penbrook community. 

Now my time with your police department has come to an end.  But I must thank the officers that trained me, the ones that worked with me, and finally those that worked for me, for you labors and sacrifice.  I must also thank Penbrook’s elected and appointed leaders, past and present, for your support and your confidence in me.  Finally I must thank the greater Penbrook Community for allowing me the honor of working for you these many years.  May peace be with you.