Fraud Craigslist Ad



During the month of October 2017, a man answered an add on Craigslist personals with the intention of meeting another for a mutual adult sexual encounter. The two agreed and after the encounter was finished, the defendant in this case did request a sum of money purporting that he is a juvenile and if cash money is not given right now, he will call police.  The victim male did believe that he may have unintentionally just had sexual encounter with a juvenile and paid the money as requested to prevent prosecution. The suspect male continued the charade by pretending to be a 17 yoa juvenile and continued to threaten the victim male of exposure and arrest. This incident carried on for several weeks of extorting money and other items such as a car rental until the victim finally came to police to report the incident himself. Police were able to ID the suspect as Shaquan A Franklin 20 yoa B/M. A warrant was issued and Franklin was arrested in the Harrisburg area on 4/13/18. Franklin was arraigned on the charges and pending a hearing at DJ Lenker's 12-2-02.

Friday, April 13, 2018 (All day)

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