Criminal Mischief in Montrose Park



On January 26, 2020 there were several incidents of criminal mischief reported to the Susquehanna Township Police Department. The reported criminal mischief occurred between the evening hours of January 25, 2020 to the morning hours of January 26, 2020. During this timeframe there were several incidents of criminal mischief involving the use of spray paint.

The criminal mischief consisted of structures, trees, traffic signs and vehicles being spray painted with lewd and vulgar caricatures, symbols and wording. The affected areas of this activity are primarily centered in the 3500-3900 blocks of the Montrose Park/Uptown area.

The Susquehanna Township Police Department is requesting that any witnesses or persons with information to contact Dauphin County Dispatch at (717) 558-6900.

Wednesday, January 29, 2020

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