We C.A.R.E

Susquehanna Township Police Department's We C.A.R.E. Program


Children Are Really Everything

For those of us who are parents, our children are really everything.  For those of us who are not parents, children are really everything in our future.  We are all responsible for the future of our children.  Susquehanna Township Police Department has taken an additional step to protect our children.  We have developed the We C.A.R.E. Program, Children Are Really Everything!  This program's mission is to protect our children by educating, inspecting and enforcing child safety seat use and by educating and enforcing seatbelt use for everyone.

Infant seats, convertible seats, booster seats, forward facing, rear facing, vehicle compatibility, harnesses, tethers, anchor systems,  at what age should my child be restrained by just a seatbelt?  Are you confused????

In Pennsylvania, all drivers transporting children, ranging in age from birth to age 4, are responsible to restrain those children in an approved child passenger restraint system.  Infants from birth to age 4 must be in an approved safety seat.  The seat may be in any seating position equipped with a seatbelt in the vehicle.  The safest position is in the middle of the back seat.  Drivers can be stopped for this as a primary violation.

Each driver and front seat passenger operating a passenger car, Class I and II truck or motor home, in Pennsylvania, shall wear a properly adjusted and fastened seatbelt.  The driver of a passenger automobile shall secure or, cause to be secured with a seatbelt, any child over the age of 4 and under the age of 18, riding in the front seat.  Children 12 and under should ride buckled up in a rear seat. Small children should ride in a rear seat , in child safety seats approved for their age and size.

The Susquehanna Township Police Department will be providing educational programming to parents, child care providers, health professionals, and others, concentrating on the dynamics of a crash and the importance of the use of a correct restraint system.  We will provide technical assistance in the correct selection of the child safety seat, correct securing of the child in the seat, correct installation of the seat, recalls, and a look at after market accessories during Child Safety Seat Inspection Days.  Our certified technicians will check your child safety seat by appointment on designated days each month.  For those of you with a seat with tethers or a vehicle with the new LATCH system, we can show you the correct way to use these systems for maximum effectiveness.  We will be distributing identification stickers for use on your child safety seat in case of a crash.

Please contact Sgt Tim Karchnak at 717-909-9261 to set up an appointment to have your child restraint system inspected or to set up educational programming for your office, school or organization.  You may also contact him via email at tkarchnak@susquehannatwp.com .  Our scheduled inspection day is the first Thursday of each month.  Other times may be available, but please call to schedule an appointment.