Homicide of Lt. McCallister

On February 19th 1981, Sergeant Robert “Bo” McCallister answered his call to duty…..responding to a Bank Alarm at the Fulton Bank on North Progress Avenue and Nationwide Drive. That response changed Sgt McCallister’s life forever. Engaging a Bank Robbery suspect in a running gun battle, Sgt McCallister was shot in the armed confrontation and barely survived the shooting.  

I had the privilege of working for and with Sergeant and Lieutenant Robert McCallister for 15 years. For those 15 years I watched a consummate American Law Enforcement Officer …..a man who to me was a living symbol of our Constitution and our Republic….He discharged his duties in a manner of fairness, dignity, and respect that is a tribute to the American Law Enforcement profession. In his daily walk of a Law Enforcement Officer, and on this Police Memorial Day of which President John F. Kennedy signed into law in October of 1962, I am reminded of the words spoken by President Kennedy only months before his assassination……”for in the final analysis, we all breathe the same air, we all cherish our children’s future, and we are all mortal”…..it was in this theme that Bo McCallister served every citizen in whom he met.

On January 20th of this year Bo McCallister passed out of this world. His death has been ruled a Homicide, as the events of February 19th 1981 finally took his life. His strength of will, his commitment to his family, and his dedication and service to our Community, our Commonwealth, and our Nation serve as a lasting example to all of us.  On that rainy overcast day of February 19th 1981, to paraphrase Winston Churchill, Bo McCallister “was tapped on the shoulder and thrust into a circumstance that was beyond imagination……and in that moment…..and through his life, he held the line.”

We now move forward with all of our Law Enforcement partners to aggressively investigate the Homicide of an American Hero…………..and our Department will be aided in this investigation by our Local, State and Federal partners.

Now that Bo has passed, we know that in our efforts ….Heaven is now coming with us, as we pursue the person responsible for the death of a Man who held the line, who never complained through all the pain and all the surgeries, a man who was a living symbol of our Republic. 

DPS/Chief Rob Martin