Pipe Bomb Discovered

A landscaper working on the property at 449 Eisenhower Boulevard discovered what he believed to be a pipe bomb lying in the grass near Eisenhower Boulevard.  Swatara Township Police responded, and confirmed that the device appeared to be a PVC pipe bomb, about four inches in length, with a visible fuse.  The area was secured, but there was no need for evacuations.  The Pennsylvania State Police Hazardous Device & Explosives Section responded to assist.  PSP Bomb Technicians advised that the device appeared to be home-made, and was probably loaded with black powder.  The device was secured by the Bomb Technicians for disposal.

Anyone with information relative to the origin of the device is asked to contact the Swatara Township Police Department.

Incident Date: 
Wednesday, November 20, 2013 - 3:15pm

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449 Eisenhower Boulevard
Harrisburg, PA 17111