Swatara Police arrest two juvenile males for sexual assault

  On 4/2/2017, at approximately 2015 hrs, Swatara Police were dispatched to a residence along Chambers Hill Rd near Beck Circle to speak with a 16 year old female who was alleging she was sexually assaulted. The female advised that around 1930 hrs, 4/2/2017, she was walking along Chambers Hill Rd near Mushroom Hill Rd when a car pulled up beside her. The female advised that she recognized both of the males as fellow students of hers from CD East High School. The female alleged that the males ordered her into the car at gunpoint and sexually assaulted her. Swatara Detectives were called out to investigate the incident and were able to identify both male suspects as well as recover the vehicle used in the assault. Both males, age 17, were arrested and placed in juvenile detention.

Incident Date: 
Sunday, April 2, 2017 - 7:30pm

Incident Type:

Case Number: 



Chambers Hill Rd at Mushroom Hill Rd
Harrisburg, PA 17111