Click it or Ticket Campaign Begins

Swatara Police join the approximately 350 Law Enforcement Agencies who will be participating in the Click It or Ticket Seat Belt Enforcement Campaign.  These special enforcement details will be taking place starting on May 13th and running through June 2.  Our officers will be focusing on seat belt violations, but will also be enforcing other aggressive or negligent driving behavior in an attempt to keep motorists safe out on the roadway.  In 2017 there were 128,188 crashes in PA resulting in 1,137 fatalities, 378 of which were un-belted.  Remember, if you are pulled over by law enforcement and you were not wearing your seat belt, you may receive 2 tickets.  Vehicle crashes are the leading cause of death for anyone 24 years of age or younger so please remember to fasten your seat belt.  Arrive Alive!