Play It Safe: Remove Ice and Snow Off of Your Vehicle Before Driving!

The Swatara Township Police Department would like to remind drivers to remove ice and snow from their entire vehicle prior to heading out on the roadways.  If ice or snow dislodges from a person’s vehicle and strikes another vehicle or pedestrian, causing death or serious bodily injury, the driver could be fined $200-$1000 per offense.  This includes not only the windows but the roof, hood and any other part of the vehicle that snow or ice can rest on.  Even if the snow or ice does not dislodge and injure/kill someone it is still illegal to have ice or snow on your vehicle’s front windshield, side windows or rear window which materially obstructs, obscures or impairs the driver’s clear view of the highway or any intersecting highway.  Failure to do so may result in a fine.  Please take the extra few seconds to clear off your vehicle before driving because you may be saving someone’s life including your own.