Swatara Police participate in Aggressive Driving Enforcement Details

Starting today and running through April 28th, the Swatara Township Police Department will be conducting aggressive-driving enforcement details as part of a statewide wave. Over 215 municipal police agencies and the Pennsylvania State Police will be targeting motorists exhibiting aggressive-driving behaviors such as running red lights, speeding and school bus violations.  Aggressive driving behaviors are responsible for so many of the accidents out on our roadways.  The Swatara Police would like to remind motorists to slow down and keep their eyes on the road.  The average driver takes about 2 seconds to see a hazard, process it and then react to it accordingly.  By speeding or being distracted while driving, you are increasing your chances of being involved in a crash.  Speeding gives you less reactionary time if there is a hazard in front of you or some other reason as to why you would need to suddenly slow down or stop.  We want everyone to Arrive Alive!