Swatara Police Receive Re-Certification status for State Accreditation Program

The Swatara Township Police Department has been Accredited through the Pennsylvania Law Enforcement Accreditation Commission since 2009.  This program requires the department to comply with 132 standards for which proofs of compliance are required each year. Every three years an assessment team comes to the police department and evaluates the proofs of compliance to determine if all of the required standards were met.  We are proud to announce that Swatara Township Police have received Re-Accreditation status and will remain an Accredited Law Enforcement agency for the next three years.  In last night’s commissioner’s meeting Richard Hammon, who works for the PA Chiefs of Police Association and is the Accreditation Program Coordinator , stated that Swatara Township Police is among the top echelon of law enforcement agencies who have achieved Accreditation status, to which he praised Chief Reider’s leadership within the department.  We would like to thank the Swatara Township’s Board of Commissioners for their continued support of the Accreditation program.  We are all very proud of our officers and the work that they do to maintain the professionalism that is demanded and required by those we serve.