Swatara Township Police honor Khia Kenney with a Civilian Support Award

On January 09, 2019, Swatara Township Police honored Khia Kenney with a Civilian Support Award for an incident that occurred on July 05, 2018. On that date a female was interrupted in the commission of a theft and fled into an area that was hosting an event for young children. The female was extremely emotional and later determined to be user of illegal drugs. Upon seeing this Kenney intervened and placed herself between this female and the children.  Kenney created distance between the female and the children and attempted to calm the woman until Police arrived. After the arrival of uniformed Police Officers, Kenney continued attempting to calm the female and later assisted Police after the woman gave a false identification. 

Khia Kenney’s observation and quick reactions kept any children from the change of being harmed. Khia Kenney’s actions are in keeping with the highest ideals of selfless service and community involvement.

The Swatara Township Police Department thanks Kenney for her assistance.