Winter storm information

Due to the impending winter storm, the Swatara Township Police would like to remind residents and visitors to drive carefully. If at all possible, limit your driving all together until the roadways have been cleared by plows. If you park your vehicles on the street in front of your home, please move them to your driveway if you have one. This will assist the plow truck operators in their efforts to clean each street from curb to curb.

Snow fall, ice, and high winds may cause interruptions to electricity and heat. If you lose heat at your home which creates a serious hazard for family members, please call the Swatara Township Police at 717-564-2550, or call 911 if there is a life threatening emergency.

IF a state of emergency is declared for Swatara Township, it will be announced through local media outlets, the Township Facebook page, and at IF that were to take place, we would like to remind residents that:

  1. All streets designated as "snow emergency routes" would have to be cleared of all parked vehicles. Vehicles that are not removed by the owner may be towed at the owner's expense and the owner can be fined.
  2. Vehicles not equipped with snow tires, chains, or all-season tires would not be allowed to operate on snow emergency routes. If they are, the driver can be fined.

Follow this link to read the Ordinance:

In Swatara Township, the following streets have been designated as "snow emergency routes" by Ordinance:



Bonnymeade Avenue

Derry Street and Dawn-Mar Street

Cardinal Drive

Chambers Hill Road and Cardinal Court

Center Street

Main Street and 3rd Street

Center Street

Third Street and Highland Street

Chambers Hill Road

Penhar Drive and Paxton Street

Cockley Road

Chambers Hill Road and Lower Swatara line

Derry Street

Milroy Road and Pleasant View Road

East Park Drive

Derry Street and Spring Creek Road

Eddington Street (north only)

Lancaster Street and Fordham Avenue

Eighty-Second Street

Lee's Drive and Paxton Street

Forty-Eighth Street

Derry Street and Lower Paxton line

Harrisburg Street, South (east only)

Quarry Road and Highland Street

Harvest Drive

50th Street and Arney Road

High Street

Hickory Street and Harrisburg Street

Keckler Road

Highland Street and Chambers Hill Road

Kempton Avenue

Lancaster Street and Fordham Avenue

Lenker Road

Montour Street and Simpson Street

Mall Road North

Harrisburg Street and Paxton Street

Monroe Street (north only)

Center Street and Elm Street

Mushroom Hill Road

Grayson Road and Chambers Hill Road

Orchard Drive

Pine Street and Reynder Street

Pajabon Drive

Stacey Drive and Keckler Road

Pleasant View Road

Township line and Bridge Street

Reservoir Road

Harrisburg Street and Kelker Street

Reynder Street

Orchard Drive and Swatara Street

Sixtieth Street

Chambers Hill Road and Acorn Drive

Sixty-Fifth Street

Derry Street and Evelyn Street

Sixty-Ninth Street (east side only)

Derry Street to end

Sixty-Seventh Street

Derry Street and Lower Paxton line

Sixty-Third Street

Derry Street and Ann Street

Wilhelm Road

Derry Street and Simpson Road