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Charged with Receiving Stolen Property after being found in possession of a stolen license plate at the intersection of 29th and Paxton Streets at 1519 hours.
On 2-3-16 at 1:37 p.m. an unknown male stole four scratch-off lottery tickets from the Speedway store located at 4300 Derry Street. He was described as a white male in his 20's, with a thin build, a short fade haircut, and a short beard. He was wearing a gray hoodie and jeans. After leaving the...

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Charged with listed offenses after allegedly stealing $37.50 worth of clothing from Macy's at the Harrisburg Mall.
Charged with listed offenses after allegedly stealing hundreds of dollars worth of clothing from Macy's at the Harrisburg Mall. The defendant fled the scene while trying to be apprehended by Macy's Loss Prevention Officers.


Stephen Scott
On 8/5/13 at approximately 130 a.m. Swatara Officers arrested Stephen Scott, B/M/42, 494 Kelker Street, Steelton, Pa. 17113 for Driving under the Influence. Scott was arrested while operating a vehicle in the 800 block of Highland Street in Enhaut.
Amber Seidel
On 8/2/13 Swatara Police were dispatched to the Turkey Hill at 28th and Paxton Streets for two persons acting suspiciously inside the store and possibly shoplifting. One of the persons, later identified as Amber Seidel was confronted by a store employee as she tried to leave without paying for...
Somjit Dolan
On July 31st at approximately 0230hrs, Swatara Police arrested Somjit Dolan, A/F/31, 405 Radcliff Drive, Apt D, Harrisburg, Pa. 17109 for Driving Under the Influence in the 3800 block of Derry Street, Hbg.
Edgardo Bonilla-Rondon
On 8/10 2013, at 0200hrs, Swatara Police were called to an address on Chambers Street for a report of a male who had entered a home and touched a young female on her leg while she was sleeping. The male also encountered the young girl’s mother and he fled the scene when the mother advised she was...
Randy Schildt
On 7/30/13, at 1300hrs, Swatara Twp Police took Randy Schildt, w/m/51, Hbg, into custody for the alleged sexual assault of a five year old girl that took place over the weekend of 7/27 at the Rutherford Park Town Homes. Schildt, who was also wanted by the Cumberland County Sheriff’s Office for a...